If you are looking for your medical reports, results or copy of your leave sick request.

You need to send us an email to info@dchqatar.com with a copy of the QID or Passport, including your local Qatari mobile number.

Along with a detailed description of your request, you wish to receive and from what dates exactly you need. Please be discriptive and detailed as possible.

*** Please note we cannot send any images or photos taken from Radiology Including: X-ray, MRI, CT, Bone Density, or Ultrasound as these origional files are to large to send over by email or the internet.. You can pick them up your copy in person, which will be give to you on a CD.

The results once completed, will take another 24hours minimum to 48hours, and an extra day for Fridays for them to be sent to you via email.


Thank You. 

Location and Hours

P.O.Box: 9958
New Al Mirqab Street, Fereej Al Nasr, Doha-Qatar.
Tel: +974 4438 4333

CV: recruitment@dchqatar.com  
E-mail: info@dchqatar.com