Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

Our Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) partners with patients and their family members to create a formal mechanism for integrating their voices into our healthcare operations.

A patient and family advisory council (PFAC) is an organization of current and former patients, family members and caregivers that works together to advance best practices in our hospital. Volunteer patients and families collaborate with employees (clinical, administrative and support) to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience.

It is an approach to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of health care including the patient perspective.

We at Doha Clinic Hospital believe in including the voice of our patients and their loved ones into all our services, it is the key to provide exceptional patient and family centered care. The Patient and Family Advisory Council was initiated in 2022 with the goal of improving the quality and safety of our care and services



-98,000-144,000 people annually die from medical errors.

-The vast majority are system problems NOT individual providers.

-They can be prevented with better system co-design.

-Systems and processes are being improved constantly in healthcare, patients and families are necessary for success.

Our main objective is to:

-Help share information and implement services that affect our patients and their loved ones.

-Initiate ideas for policies, programs, projects, and services within the patient care environment.

-Provide ongoing opportunities to hear the voices, experiences, and perspectives of patients and their loved ones!


What do we expect from our Patient & Family Advisors?

• Commit to attending and participating in PFAC meetings (at least twice in a year).

• Provide input on a variety of strategic initiatives, facility design, educational materials and development of services and offerings.

• Share stories about care experiences by letting us know what went well and what we can do better.

• Partner with us to review new program ideas that will benefit patients and family members.

• Listen to the perspective of others and offer feedback in a constructive and professional manner.

• Interact well and show respect to all individuals regardless of nationality, religion, gender, profession, disability, or socioeconomic status.

• Adhere to our confidentiality practices by ensuring that information shared by our organization is not disclosed outside of the PFAC.

If you are looking for ways to draw on your personal experiences at Doha Clinic Hospital and to contribute to the greater good by helping us improve the quality of care, this program will provide an excellent opportunity for you.



Please click this link and download the application.

Kindly fill out the application and send back to


What happens after you apply?

• You will be notified that your application was received and is in review

• You will be contacted within 7 business days and notified of an interview date

• You will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance to the PFAC

• If you are accepted, you will have to sign a confidentiality agreement



Location and Hours

P.O.Box: 9958
New Al Mirqab Street, Fereej Al Nasr, Doha-Qatar.
Tel: +974 4438 4333