Sheikh Mohamed Bin Hamad Al Thani

The fact that patients were seeking private medical attention strongly indicated a need for private inpatient care in Qatar. A decision was, therefore, made to transform the Doha Clinic into a complete inpatient and outpatient medical facility.

Doha Clinic Hospital is a 57 bed multi-specialty private hospital, offering excellent health-care services with the help of well qualified and experienced medical staff. Our inpatient department contains the most up-to-date equipment and offers five-star experience.
Doha Clinic Hospital is unique in being both small and large: small in that is has a limited number of beds for more personal attention and large because of its advanced equipment that is not normally available except in major hospitals.

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P.O.Box: 9958
New Al Mirqab Street, Fereej Al Nasr, Doha-Qatar.
Tel: +974 4438 4333