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Hearing & Dizziness Clinic

Welcome to the New Hearing & Dizziness Clinic

Dr. Noha Adel is Specialist in Audio and Vestibular hearing 

The available services for the Hearing & Dizziness clinic in Doha Clinic Hospital:
1. Detection of hearing problems  for the newborns.
2. Diagnosis and Management of hearing loss for children and adults
3. Tinnitus assessment and management
4. Diagnosis and management of vertigo and imbalance using the latest equipment
5. The availability of the best and most advanced hearing aids,  fitting and programming with auditory rehabilitation.
6. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy and different maneuvers for restoring the balance for dizzy patients  and help them to regain  their  normal daily activities.

The available tests in the clinic:
Tympanometry and acoustic reflex measurement
Pure Tone Audiometry
Free Field audiometry
Speech Audiiometry
Tinnitus assessment
Otoacoustic emission
Auditory Brainstem Response
Full Vertigo assessment
Hearing Aids fitting and programming

Dr. Noha Adel has many years’ experiences working with hearing patients starting from 1 day old until the geriatric population. She has been working within Doha Clinic Hospital for 3 years, treating and array of hearing and dizziness cases. 

Location and Hours

P.O.Box: 9958
New Al Mirqab Street, Fereej Al Nasr, Doha-Qatar.
Tel: +974 4438 4333