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  • The cost is 160QR for the PCR
  • All swab samples are sent to HMC and released by them to our portal.

    Doha Clinic Hospital is not responsible or liable, if the RT-PCR report is delayed

  • Flights: You need the physical paper copy and our blue hospital stamp to travel, currently. No electronic results are being accepted by the airport.
  • You will pick up the results from our, guest relations. They are located on the Ground Floor, Building A (main entrance)

World Patient Safety Day – established by the World Health Assembly and is observed annually on 17 September. Under the patronage of her Excellency, Dr Hanan Mohamed Al Kuwari, Minister of Public Health, the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is organising the 7th Qatar Patient Safety Week. Objectives of this are to enhance global understanding of patient safety, increase public engagement in health care safety, and promote global action to prevent and reduce avoidable harm in health care. Each year, a new theme is selected “Safe maternal and newborn care”


A big heartfelt thank you to our 10k family ❤️ ????????‍⚕️????‍⚕️

If you've suffered from acne, and now you might be left with acne scars And you are asking yourself what to do to get rid of it.

We are here to help you ????????‍⚕️ FRACTIONAL LASER MACHINE (ECO2) has been clinically proven to help visibly improving old scars and smoothing the skin.

The treatment stimulates skin cells to produces collagen and extracellular matrix by using very tiny laser beams to heat precise areas of tissue. The procedure leaves the skin firmer, smoother and younger while improving appearance of age spots and unwanted pigment.

To make an inquiry or to book an appointment, please Call/WhatsApp 4438 4333.

For more information about our services please visit us at www.dohaclinichospital.com

Cupping is a safe, traditional treatment that helps resolve chronic muscle tightness and pain faster than massage therapy. There are many benefits for cupping therapy, and they are:

• Stimulate blood circulation

• Encourages Tissues to Release Toxins

• Reduces Anxiety

• Improve Varicose Veins and Spider varicosities

The benefits of cupping increase over time so make sure you’re consistent!

To make an inquiry or to book an appointment, please Call/WhatsApp 4438 4333.

For more information about our services please visit us at www.dohaclinichospital.com

Friday Clinics will be closed until further notice, due to unavoidable circumstances

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